Accident At The Haunted Hike

This is one of the props used in this years Haunted Hikes in Monrovia Canyon Park.  This is no store bought hearse either, this was built by Ed Cunningham, one of the park volunteers.  Our go to guy for the seemingly impossible.

The hikes were a sellout, got overwhelmingly positive reviews from those that bought tickets, and now they are done for another year.

Here's a look at what the hearse looked like with lights ready for the hikes to start.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad it was a success. What a great volunteer. Since you grew up in Monrovia, did you ever visit the Ben Tuff(?) cabin when it was still standing?
Unknown said…
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Keith said…
Ben Overturff (isn't that a great name for a guy with a cabin you have to hike to get to?). I never did see it while it was still standing. Only in photo's. My first time there was after the Forest Service knocked it down.
Petrea Burchard said…
This really works in B&W--it looks old-fashioned, like it really could be from another era.

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