2008 Hot Rod And Custom Car Show

This Saturday, October 25th, from 9am to 2 pm on Myrtle Ave in Old Town Monrovia.

Here's a photo from last years show.


Do you expect Jay Leno to show up?
Looks like a lively event. Too much for my sleepy town.
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
Palm A: I have my doubts. He probably already has one of everything in his own garage.

Babooshka: It's fun. A lot of reminiscing.
Anonymous said…
I ask about Leno because he shows up at the Horseless Carrige Club Christmas meet every year.
Keith said…
Palm: I'd never heard of the Horseless Carriage Club before. Interesting. I doubt the Monrovia event is unique enough to get a visit from Leno.

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