Plane Mural Update

UPDATE 7/27/2017:  The mural wasn't quite complete yet when I took the previous photos.  Oranges have been added along the bottom and this should now be the finished product.

The plane mural behind Paradis Ice Cream,  Oh Mulberry Bush, and Merengue Bakery has been updated with fresh paint and a colorful new background scene.

You can access this mural through the alley between the Paradis and Merengue businesses.

*Click on the photos for larger versions*

Above is a "Before" photo.  

This is the new "After" photo.  Much more colorful with the blue sky, clouds, mountains and planes at the old Monrovia Airport.  The propeller is in a different position now, but the original pilot is still there.

The side view to show that this is not a typical flat painting.

A detail shot confirming that this is the Monrovia airport.


Anonymous said…
Way to ruin a Navy Corsair by painting it red. WTF.
Anonymous said…
Boy, what he said. ^

A bright red Corsair? Accckkkkk!

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