07/09/2017 Monrovia Depot Update

 Once again, stopped by to take a look at progress on the rehab of the Monrovia Depot.
I took these on Sunday.  The parking structure was empty.  I still parked off site and walked to avoid giving Metro that new $3.00 parking fee. 

*Click the photos for larger versions*

Well, check that out.  The back (west side) patio dining area is going vertical!
I'm guessing those are support beams for the outdoor dining canopy.

From the side view, one thing stands out here.  It looks like they are going to close up one of the side doorways.  The one closest to, and to the left of, the MONROVIA lettering.

It's got to be brutal, inside and out, working here in this heatwave.  Stay safe out there.


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