"Kitchen Nightmares" Filming In Monrovia

A couple of uninteresting photos related to the filming of "Kitchen Nightmares" at Sam's Deli / Sam's Kabob Room / Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room / Sam's Deli and Kabob Room (What the hell is the name of this place anyway?)  All the action is taking place behind closed doors.

I'm always amazed at the resources it takes to film something.  The top photo is the parking lot behind Sam's.  The lower photo is the parking lot behind Paragon At Old Town.  There were more trucks to the right of these.

You can find more about the filming and read several opinions regarding Sam's Deli at Monrovia Patch.
For the record:  I've eaten there. I got sick and never went back.

7/16/2012:  Another photo added here.


Steve Scauzillo said…
Hilarious. I think I ate there once like 20 years ago and never went back. I've always wondered how it stays in business. I hope I know when that episode airs.
Keith said…
Steve: Not going back seems to be a theme here. I'll be keeping an eye out for the air date. I don't want to miss it.

I wonder if anyone has asked Chef Gordon Ramsay if he'd like to open a place in town. There's a former JC Penney building on Myrtle Avenue across from the library that would be perfect.

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