Rudy's Mexican Food Restaurant At Sunrise

Rudy's Mexican Food: 602 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia.  Corner of Myrtle Ave. and Colorado Blvd. in Old Town Monrovia.


How about a review? Has it been around long or is it new?
Steve Scauzillo said…
Yes, Rudy's is an old favorite and in my opinion, Pasadena Adjacent, one of the best good old Mexican restaurants around, period. The place never looked so good as in this shot.
D. Musick said…
For a sit-down, full service (think El Torito or Acapulco) Mexican restaurant, Rudy's is just about the best around, though Max's can give them a run for the money.
Keith said…
Rudy, the owner, was also President of the Monrovia Cinco De Mayo committee. The Cinco De Mayo celebration was probably my favorite event in town last year.

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