2011 Monrovia Holiday Parade

The wind can slow us down but it can't stop us.  The parade goes on, and it looks like people were more than ready.  A big crowd last night.


This is just before the start of the parade.  On the right is KGEM, Monrovia's local community television station, set up with extra lighting to record the parade.  The crowd was like this the entire length of the parade.

Sid Garcia.

The 2011 Holiday Parade Grand Marshall was Sid Garcia from ABC7 Eyewitness News.

MHS Band.

Extra lighting effects mixed in among the Monrovia High School Band.

Restored Life Fellowship.

A band of a different type.  A live rock band played their way through Old Town.

Monroe Unicycle Club.

Always a favorite, the Monroe Unicycle Club rode up Myrtle Avenue.


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