Bill Cull Trail Reopens In Monrovia Canyon Park

The trail has been closed since last August 23rd after a fire broke out in an area that the trail passes through.
Since then, a LOT of people have been asking when the Bill Cull Trail will open again.  The answer opened again this past April 1st. (Not a joke, it really is open).

Now you can once again hike all the way to the waterfall from the entrance station and, hopefully, it will also mean less people walking in the roadway.

For those of you planning to run in the Fountain To The Falls event this May 14th, the sign in the lower right of the photo marks this trailhead as the 2 1/4 mile mark on the course.

Next time you hike the trail, here's a photo taken shortly after the fire to use for comparison.  The difference between then and now is truly amazing.


Steve Scauzillo said…
Keith, i hope the fire burned away all the poison oak. that's why I avoided that lower trail and took the road.
Keith said…
Steve: It did burn it away, for the time being. The burned area is really a small section of the trail.

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