And Now For Something Completely Different

No, this isn't Monrovia.  It's the Las Vegas Strip.

I came back from an overnight camping trip and visit to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area earlier this past week to some internet connectivity problems.  So, instead of taking and working on photos, I've been trying to install a new modem and get it working.  A modem that arrived DOA.  The issues continue.

Since I do have access for the moment and didn't have anything local ready to go, here's a night shot of the Las Vegas Strip from my visit.  This looks nothing like Red Rock Canyon, maybe I'll share some of those in a "Sunday Road Trip" post one of these days.

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what are the streaks? and I'd love to see photos from Red Rock Canyon (lots of them like Vasquez Rocks)
Keith said…
Pas Adj: Those streaks are from a jet flying over. It was a long exposure.

The photos from Red Rock will end up either here or my other site ( I'm not sure Red Rock qualifies as a day road trip. It's possible but it wouldn't be all that enjoyable.

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