Monrovia Train Depot After The Rain

I like both versions of this so I decided to just post them both.


ben wideman said…
Both are really interesting, but I don't think the black and white is necessary. The blue sky in the puddle jumps out just as much in the color version.

Brilliant stuff.
Keith said…
Thanks, Ben. The color in the puddle was trying out a new feature in a recent software update. Probably not the best use of the feature.

I think strictly B&W would have been better.
You know me, I like seeing both together. Alone one sees beauty. Together they start to engage your intellect. (I was ok with the blue puddle). If the b/w photo was isolated, I might have a different take.
Steve Scauzillo said…
loved the experiment, Keith and the blue sky in the puddle. Very creative.
Keith said…
Pas Adj: I like that it makes you think. There is more involved with the b/w than just removing the color. Some specific adjustments that you see but hopefully not notice.
When I see an image in both color and b/w, I almost always prefer one over the other. This one was different, but my choice could vary depending on my mood.

Steve: It's fun to try new things, that's a main reason why I started this blog in the first place.

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