March 2011 City Daily Photo Theme Day: My Favorite Part Of Town

I'm cheating a little bit here because this particular spot is not really in town, but it is a photo from a hiking trail that begins in Monrovia Canyon Park, which is in town.  I couldn't pick a favorite spot in town among all the restaurants, shops, Old Town, the new library, parks, historic buildings, historic homes, the train depot (my favorite place to photograph), etc., etc.

So, I'm going with the Monrovia Canyon Park hiking trails with their beauty, quiet (except maybe on weekends and holidays), fresh air and endless possibilities for learning, exercise and exploration.

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my favorite place in your town
Geoff said…
Nice photo! Is that on the Ben Overfurff Trail? I've been on the Bill Cull trail but don't remember any part of it looking like the scenery in the photo.
Keith said…
Pas Adj: I do enjoy the nearby getaway.

Geoff: It is on the Ben Overturff trail. I took this photo a while ago and honestly don't remember the specific location of this shot.

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