Vacation Time

Time to take a little vacation.  After about three and a half years of posting a new photo every day, I think I've earned it.

Posting a photo as day takes a surprising amount of time.  Add to that working a full time job, a volunteer job, working on a couple of projects for too long now, maintaining some semblance of organization to an ever growing archive of images and all the other responsibities of life and there weren't enough hours in the day. I realized I had to make a choice.

I could be obsessive about not missing a day or I could take a vacation and make things better than ever.  Easy choice.  So, for the next 2 weeks, I (probably) won't be posting any new photos.  The next new photo will be on Monday, February 7th.  I'll be here making some updates to the site, adding some info and responding to comments.  Just not planning to post photos.

There are some goals I want to accomplish this year that I'm pretty excited about and taking some time now will help me reach them.  It will also help me get back to the reason I started this site in the first place: To learn and to practice what I've learned.

Thanks to everyone for the continuing interest and support beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Be back soon!


ben wideman said…
A well deserved rest. Enjoy your time off!
Petrea Burchard said…
Bless you and your break, Keith.
Two Weeks? you should have grabbed at least a month. That American work ethic of yours has gotten the best of you! ; )

Blogs can be time suckers; but your fans will await your return. Where else have we got to go?

Have fun with your projects. Fixing the house or photo related?
Keith said…
Ben: Thanks. You've been doing this a long time too and now with the baby, I don't know how you do it.

Petrea: I know you've had some similar thoughts recently. I didn't want to stop completely but taking a little break feels pretty good.

Pas Adj: When not breaking the streak became the most important thing, I knew it was time to break the streak.

Projects are mostly photo related, plus a lot of catching up to do on things too long postponed.
Steve Scauzillo said…
Have a great time off... vacations are essential, keith.
susan said…
d'oh!!! i was hoping to get my random dose of the 90106...please post back soon! and enjoy your vacation!
Keith said…
Maybe I should have said hiatus instead of vacation. I'm busier than ever these two weeks!
Just checking in. Rewrite the post and stick hiatus in where you have 2 week Vacation. Currently I'm tiling my floors, so I'm looking at pre-written posts that I saved for such an occasion. C and V tiles of Monrovia

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