January 2011 City Daily Photo Theme Day: Photo Of The Year 2010

This is the hardest theme day for me, and it happens every year!  Picking a photo of the year is near impossible for me to do.

The above photo isn't the most technically advanced, it was shot with an old point and shoot camera that has long since seen better days.  The photo, I'm sure, also isn't particularly interesting to the vast majority of you.

I just like it.  The sky is blue with white clouds, the grass is green at the park and the mountains are nearby.  A pretty good setting for a hometown.

Click on the link below to see how photographers from around the world interpreted the theme on this first day of the new year:

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


ben wideman said…
Brilliant. Here is to another great year of photos! Happy New Year.
Petrea Burchard said…
Thank you, Keith, for your positive view. I know I put my own slant on things, too.

This is a nice essay, an insight I enjoyed reading. Any time you feel like writing more copy with your photos, I'll read it.
Just caught this Keith. When I visit blogs I sort of move in and out of them. I see how you see. I was just there (Monrovia) yesterday looking for the place I kept my horse so many years ago. I may have found it because I tracked it through my child's eye. It's now a fully engulfed gated community. Yuck

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