Monrovia High School Wildcats Parade And Rally Thursday Jan. 6th

The banner reads: Home of the 2010 CIF S.S. Mid-Valley Champions!

Giving you a little early reminder. The parade and rally will be held this Thursday evening January 6th. The parade starts at 6:30pm at Monrovia High School, moves along Colorado Blvd. to Myrtle Ave., then north on Myrtle Ave. to Library Park.  The rally will then be held at the Library Park fountain.


Steve Scauzillo said…
I want to try to catch that parade. My adopted town wins CIF. Great story. Looking for some great pix if I don't make it, yes?
Anonymous said…
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it
Keith said…
Steve: I plan to be there to take photos. We'll see what I come up with.

Anon: That's the plan.
Terrific photographic document of this building. Enjoy the parade; I hear everyone loves them

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