Sunday Road Trip - Los Angeles County Fair

All those car photos last week put me in the mood for another road trip!  Today we'll head east to Pomona, California and the Los Angeles County Fair.

Welcome to the fair!  And not just any fair, the L.A. County Fair is the largest fair in the U.S.

Like all good county fairs, you can visit the animals at Fairview Farms.  The farm also has demonstrations, rodeo events and loads of info.

If gambling is more your thing, you can do that too.  Live horse racing at the fair from September 9th - 27th (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays with the fair).  Grandstand seating is FREE!

Another form of gambling available at the fair is all the fried, or Totally Fried, food.  This is where they take already unhealthy food and deep fry it.  Also available this year but not shown, chocolate covered bacon.

Of course, you can find all kinds of different foods at the fair.  Especially BBQ.  Lots and lots of BBQ.

After you've filled up on food, head for the carnival area where you can ride the roller coasters, ferris wheel, dark rides and all the fast and/or high rides that aren't so appealing to me anymore.

Other things you can find at the fair:

-Craft competitions and displays.  What would a county fair be without these?
-Indoor Shopping area/buildings:  Imagine 200 live infomercials going on around you all at the same time.  Not my thing but they are always packed.
-Various shows and live entertainment throughout the fairgrounds.
-The oldest and largest garden railroad in the nation.

Road Trip details:

Mileage from Monrovia, CA:  About 17 miles.
Travel time:  25 to 45 minutes depending on traffic.
Admission and parking: See this page.  Various discounts are available.
The fair runs from September 4th to October 3rd, 2010 and is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

One more thing.  Why don't they have recycle bins for all those plastic water bottles they sell?  Shame, shame, shame.


Steve Scauzillo said…
Just from a fellow blogger perspective, props on your extensive post and I loved the whole "road trip" idea with the mileage and other info. Great stuff. Maybe you've inspired me...
fried that even possible?

A great post and tempting too. My mother loves the piggies and I like the exotic rats. One breed of rat has the coloring of a siamese cat. It's true

When I was a kid my best friend took her appalousa horse to the fair each year to show. We would be given our own tack room where we would spend the night. We had sooooo much fun.
Keith said…
Steve: Thanks, I like doing these road trip posts. It gives me a chance to do something different, bend some rules, yet still tie the post to Monrovia. It also provides me with a good reason to go do fun things.

Pas Adj: I didn't see the rats there, sorry I missed that. Spending the night at the fair? THAT would be fun. Did you get to wander around?
Jessica said…
I actually won First place in the All-American Pie Contest this year at the LA County Fair! I entered my key lime pie recipe in the custard pie division. You can read more about it here:
Keith said…
Congratulations Jessica! Winning 1st place at the LA County Fair is incredible. That must be one amazing pie!

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