1956 Bel Air And The Monrovia Bakery

From the 2010 Monrovia Hot Rod and Custom Car Show.

I've been photographing this annual show for 4 years now and the one thing I didn't want to do this year was to keep repeating what I had done before.  So, this year I had a plan.  Each of the photos I'll be posting from the show will feature a combination of one (or more) of the cars along with a local landmark from downtown Monrovia.  You'll get to enjoy some of the amazing cars and trucks from the show and each photo will also be uniquely Monrovia.  I hope you enjoy them.


Stefan Jansson said…
You are very clever. I have had the same problem, visiting a car show for a few years now. It can be tricky not to shoot the same scene all over again.
why don't they sell that color in spray paint? I want that color for my lawn furniture

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