How To Ruin A Beautiful Day

This was on the foothill (210) freeway earlier today on the westbound side just before the Myrtle Ave. exit in Monrovia.

What could be worse than watching your car on fire on Super Bowl Sunday?  It may not show up well in the photo, but it doesn't look like the car has license plates yet.  This could be someone's newly purchased car burning up.


Stefan Jansson said…
Not a good day for the owner that's for sure. Good news photo it is.
Cafe Pasadena said…
Nice shot you got!
Q: what's the differnce btween the dark & white clouds?
Keith said…
Steffe: Not a good day at all. Hopefully it's insured.

Cafe: You mean from the fire? I'm not sure. Lots of different things to burn, lots of different fluids too.
Petrea Burchard said…
I suppose this is beside the point, but you did a nice job of framing this.
Keith said…
Petrea: I cropped this one after the fact from the safety of my chair in front of the computer.
Remind me not to purchase that model.

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