Monrovia Historical Museum In Black And White

Three out of the last four photos have been from Recreation Park.  The path photo from 7/28 is directly behind this museum, the baseball field from 7/30 is just beyond the path.


altadenahiker said…
Glad you told us about the Historical Museum. Just recently visited the ones in pasadena and altadena. Will have to check this out. Nice building.
This is a fairly sizable museum. I wonder if it's open today. Hiker...where is the Altadena museum?
Keith said…
Altadenahiker: I'd be curious to hear your opinion if you visit the museum.

Pas Adj: I believe it's open Sundays but only for a short time window.

A fairly sizable museum in a historically significant building containing the city's history - you'd think information on the museum and hours would be readily available. You'd think...
altadenahiker said…
PA, it's housed in the community center at lake/atadena drive. Open Mon & Tues, 9 - 12, and then other days by appointment.

It is WELL worth the visit.

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