Half Block Of Myrtle Ave.

Trying something a little different.  I wasn't sure how this would turn out but at the very least it could serve as a nice piece of recorded history for future Monrovians.

This is a panoramic shot of half a block in Old Town Monrovia from the Box Jewelers clock to the left (north) to Colorado Blvd. to the south (right).

The businesses pictured from left to right: Empty (formerly Boxx Jewelers), Mediterranean Spinners, Christian Science Reading Room, House Of Windsor, Tobacco Road and Newstand, The Monrovia Restaurant.

Be sure to click the image for a larger than usual version.


Anonymous said…
Lots of stores in downtowns across America are closing for a variety of reasons. Jewelry stores are especially hard hit as things like wedding bands can be puchased almost anywhere these days. I don't think there is much money for jewelry during these tough economic times.

Nevertheless, I like your Half Block of Myrtle Avenue.

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