Precision Hedge Trimming

This must have taken some time to get this perfect.


Laurie Allee said…
When I first moved to LA way back in the late 80s, the very first thing that struck me as odd was the abundance of highly manicured hedges and shrubs. They just don't do that back in Texas.

I love this shot! And I love the over-manicured hedges, too.
Anonymous said…
It really is precision, Keith. It looks manicured but it has been trimmed the wrong way.

Honestly. I used to be something of a gardener. One of the first things I was taught was the proper way to trim or prune anything.

The proper way to prune or trim anything is in the fashion of a pyramid. Then the sun strikes all surfaces equally. If you trim it this way, over time, the bottom gets no sun and becomes leafless.

Drive around some neighborhoods and you can see lots of evidence of wrong way trimming and pruning. And you might see only one done the right way.
Hope said…
Oh my...I don't think I've ever seen such a perfect hedge...amazing!
Petrea Burchard said…
Wow. Not to mention some precise measuring and a bit of OCD.
Unknown said…
Laurie: This one is over the top even for here. I turned around and went back just to take a photo of it.

Abraham: That makes perfect sense! learn something new every day.

Hope: Amazing and a little scary.

Petrea: OCD is right. I wonder if it was the homeowner or a gardener that did it.
Cafe Observer said…
Laurie, we tend to be neater & well manicured here in So Cal, compared to the texans back east.
Tash said…
Looks to have razor sharp edges!

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