Building Rehab Panorama

Here is an update on the progress being done on the long vacant building at the southwest corner of Myrtle and Colorado in downtown Monrovia.  This is a side view from Colorado Blvd.

To remember what it used to look like, here's a photo from last November when the front was used for a Christmas mural.


Anonymous said…
Pasadena Adjacent

I see they're keeping the front in tact. It proves that Monrovia is showing an interest in keeping a kind of architectural integrity in tact.
Anonymous said…
I wonder what restaurant they got to move in....Ochoa said it is going to be occupied soon.
Keith said…
Pasadena Adjacent: It was a pretty bland looking building before. They're opening it up and with the red brick I expect it to be a big improvement.

Anonymous: I wish I knew. The last I heard the tenant wasn't yet known.

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