Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Gem City Images!

When I started this site, the challenge was to post a different photo of Monrovia every day for a year. There were a few times when afternoon was fading into evening and I didn't know what I was going to post, but I didn't miss a day.

I am most appreciative of all the people that have taken the time to check out my photo's. Thank you to the locals that can see the city anytime yet still come by to see what I've posted, to the visitors from all 50 states and to the international visitors that have come from over 85 different countries/territories. I didn't expect that.

All in all, I've had far too much fun to stop now. Starting tomorrow we head right into year two. I have one new addition planned that isn't quite ready to announce yet. Beyond that, hopefully we'll find out together what the next year will bring.

Thank you.


Jim Klenke said…
Congrats on making it the first year.
Alessandra said… year already? I discovered your site about seven months ago and it's become a fixture for me. Even though I live here, it's always interesting to see my little foothill town from the perspective of others.
Olivier said…
félicitation pour cet anniversaire, et bravo pour ton DP. je te souhaite une bonne continuité

congratulations for this anniversary, and congratulations for your DP. I wish you a good continuity
Ineke said…
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! I turned 42 yesterday, AND the Dutch football team beat the Rumanians with 2-0, so June 17 is a special day for a lot of people :)
well done on the first year and glad to know you have got the bug to keep going.
Steve Buser said…
Congratulations on your 1 Year of photos. A first class accomplishment. I'd love to know what percentage of CDP is which start but never reach 1 year.

Congratulations, keep up the good work.
Keith said…
Jim: Congratulations to you on recently reaching a year on your daily photo site!

Alessandra: Thanks for being a regular. The past year did seem to go by fast.

Olivier: I hope I can keep it going as long as you have!

Ineke: Happy Birthday!

Ackworth Born: The bug has got me! I can't stop now. The bug got to you with your Hyde Daily Photo site long before it got to me!

Steve: Interesting question, I wonder if anyone keeps track? Your site is another that's well over a year. Congratulations!
bitingmidge said…

There was a time when I was in awe of anyone who could achieve what you have just done. Now I just admire them terribly!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia
Keith said…
Bitingmidge: Thanks! You'll be surprised how fast a year goes by.

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