Cherry On Top

Frozen yogurt - coming soon to the Pavilions shopping center.


Alessandra said…
Are they "coming soon" the way Pinkberry is "coming soon"? Or are they actually going to open this year? I saw that sign back in January or February.
Keith said…
Unlike Pinkberry, I've actually seen people inside this store. Then again, it's mid-June. Some prime frozen yogurt season has already been missed.
Unknown said…
I brought my "buy one get one 10oz yogurt free" coupon in today and was shocked and dissapointed with what happened. First of all, there IS NO 10 oz yogurt cup offered and they only give 10oz free!!!! It cost me 12 dollars for 2 small frozen yogurts!!! What a rip off. I will NEVER go back or recommend this place to anyone.

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