Monrovia Public Library: Gone

Destruction, done. Construction can now begin.
Photo looking east towards Myrtle Ave.


Alessandra said…
Wow. I know that we need a new library and that we've outgrown the old one. And I voted to fund the new library. But the old library had such a nice foot print on that location. It is a bit sad to see it go. Let's just hope that the construction of the new library doesn't take too long. I miss taking my daughter to story-time at Library Park and then playing with her in the park afterwards. We're doing the same thing at Recreation Park, but it is not the same experience.
Anonymous said…
I'm so excited and can't wait for the new library to open. The Star-News just had an article on the opening of the new San Marino library, which was finished on time and UNDER budget. Dare we hope for the same? And did I read that they are actually putting in water features? I am praying they are actually water features the kids can play in during our HOT HOT summers!!!
Anonymous said…
I look forward to the new building, but I wish they would spend the money on the collection. It is what's inside that counts.
Anonymous said…
The Monrovia Library is one of the oldest libraries in Los Angeles County. You would think they would have a large collection of books. But the reality is, Monrovia has one of the smallest collection of books compared to other city libraries. What has the city done with all of the books that they use to have ?

Also the city should be ashame of them selfs when you look at the very small budget that the library has to work with.

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