Library Park Tree

This Moreton Bay fig tree is right outside the entrance to the library. The signs say that climbing it is no longer allowed. When I was younger, it was my favorite part of going to the library.
I wonder if it will be kept when the new library is built?


Gerald (SK14) said…
better start fighting to krrp it now before they think oabout it
Anonymous said…
The renderings on the webpage make it look like the tree is still there:

And when my children have taken the tour of the library - Ms. Annette always mentions the tree will remain.
Keith said…
That's good to hear. I couldn't imagine that it would be removed, but you never know.
Anonymous said…
The entire design of the library is built around this tree and the other one on the south south side of the current building. This has been the number one concern from most residents - KILL CRAZY RUMORS - THE TREE ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE!

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