Monrovia Canyon Park Trails: Bill Cull, Quarter Mile, And Waterfall

Joined up with the Monrovia Canyon Park Trail Crew this morning to check out the Bill Cull, Quarter Mile, and Waterfall Trails after yesterday's rain.  All three trails held up very well and didn't seem any worse for wear.  

I also haven't been since the rainstorms two weeks ago, so I wanted to see the changes to the canyon along the three trails we checked today.

This tree used to stand right where the stream now flows.  When the tree fell, the path of the stream changed slightly to take over that spot.

This is the start of the Bill Cull Trail above the Ranger Station.  You might have seen a photo of this area in the last City Manager's Report showing a large crack down the trail with the side of the trail looking like it might slide down the slope.  You can see it's all repaired with the edge barriers redone to reinforce the edge of the trail.

Before the rains, the winding stream on the left was overgrown and rarely seen.  The power of the water cleared a nice wide path now.  The second stream on the right is the one you would typically see.

Difficult to see, but there are three trail crew members heading back down the trail from the waterfall.

More water at the waterfall.  During, and just after the rains last month, this whole area would have been under water.


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