Monrovia Canyon Park Trail Crew - Post Rain Trail Repair

The Monrovia Canyon Park Trail Crew took on a more significant than usual repair job on the Bill Cull trail yesterday.

 The old metal mesh edge barrier on this section of trail did its job well for decades, (I've heard +-90 years), until the rainstorms about three weeks ago pushed that edge out along with a lot of erosion.  

Then, the rains this past week caused the holes pictured above and some of the underside of the trail to erode away. Time to fix it.

This is where it's good to have enough people.  Everyone carries a couple of tools for the hike to the repair site.

Volunteer Doug goes over the side secured with rope and harness.  That slope is steep and a long way to the bottom. 

Additional mesh screen in place, now to get back up on solid ground.

 Pounding in additional posts for reinforcement.  Once the posts are secured to the wood edge barrier, fill it all up with dirt.

And... the finished repair.  
Now we wait to see how well it holds up after the rainstorms expected this coming week.  


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