Evergreen Plaza Park

A portion of the new park named "Evergreen Plaza".  The park sits on a portion of the new Gold Line Operations Campus and will be dedicated this Saturday, May 23rd, as part of the Operations Campus open house.  The plan is that the park will one day be deeded over to the city.

The lights behind the park are the Gold Line Operations Campus.


Harry Schell said…
I have been driving past this area every day for months.

It's ridiculous.

We have no water, but the smarties have planted it. There is no shade, so you sit in full sun, or rain, or whatever. The corner is singularly unattractive, no services are nearby (say, to get a sandwich and go to the park for an al fresco lunch. It is right next to the feeder road to the 210, which provides lots of noice and exhaust from cars and trucks to really amp the ambience.

It's not a likely place for people to gather in the evening, either.

Whoever thought of this is a moron who bad ideas are indulged with other people's money, which is free, so who cares how it's spent?

The state is broke, Metro Rail will get there and they think a park is a great idea.

Planet of the Apes. It's a madhouse, yes, it is.

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