New Restaurant To Open At 417 S. Myrtle Avenue?

Just an application to sell beer and wine sign so far in the window of the former Allure shop.

There seems to be a lot of activity on this block lately.  MonroviaNow posted yesterday about another possible restaurant 4 doors up at 407 S. Myrtle Avenue.

Also wondering about the Eureka Coffee Lounge that was going in at 415 S. Myrtle Avenue (Next door to the proposed restaurant pictured above.)  The Facebook page seems to have been taken down and their Twitter account has been silent for a month.

While we're at it (although a different block), whatever happened to the "Copper Still Grill" that was going into the spot vacated by Sam's Kabob Room?


StvNixRox said…
I hear that Merengue is moving to the Allure location.
Keith said…
Interesting. I hadn't heard that.

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