The Aztec Hotel Monrovia - The Restaurant

Got the chance to take a look around the Aztec Hotel and take some photos a couple of days ago.  In fact, I ended up with so many I decided to split them up into three separate posts.

Tip: Click on the photos for larger versions.

Since there's a lot of interest and anticipation about the new Mexican restaurant soon to open, let's start there:

First up, somewhat of an overview of the restaurant.  A lot of work needed to be done, but it's looking great.  Won't be long now.

A closeup view of the bar in the center of the restaurant.  Check out that ceiling.

New seating and tables line the walls

I love this spot.  Nothing like an angry big black cat looking over your shoulder while you eat.  Then again, you could face it and stare it down.

Pinball machines and neon beer signs.  Appropriately enough, an Aztec pinball machine on the right.

Finally today, a couple of the many incredible murals that can be found throughout the building.

Many thanks to General Manager Art DeSautels for the tour and letting me roam around and take some photos.  Thanks also to Chef Marisa for preparing that incredible food.  When the restaurant opens, you all are in for a treat.

The Aztec Hotel is located at 311 W. Foothill Blvd. Monrovia, CA  91016.

To follow along with the progress on all the work being done and the status of the restaurant, check out the Aztec Hotel Facebook page.

Next up. the lobby...


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