The Aztec Hotel - The Lobby

Today we'll take a look around the lobby area.  So many details just begging to be photographed.  As always, click on any photo for a larger version.

First up is the entrance.  Mural and barbershop on the right, entrance to the restaurant out of frame on the left.  Lobby area straight ahead.

Lobby area.  From left to right: stairs leading to the rear patio, door to the Mayan banquet room, front desk, doorway with a Toltec Coffee Shop mural (see last photo).

Stairway leading to the rear patio and upstairs.

Front desk on the right with a doorway to the non-existent Toltec Coffee Shop.  Hopefully a coffee shop will be part of the future plans.

Coming up Monday, a mixture of photos from around the hotel.

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Hilda said…
Fascinating hotel. Seems kind of kitschy, but I like everything about it.
Keith said…
Hilda: I like it too. A perfect representative of the original Route 66.
I didn't catch this in my previous comment. I thought you had just started the post - and you had ( a few days back) Wow - these are fantastic. Whoever is taking over is doing a nicer job of restoration then the last lease-ee. My favorite grouping so far. I have loved this place since i first saw it in the 70's. So happy it wasn't thorn down.

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