S'Links Gourmet Hot Dogs - Coming Spring 2013

The signs on the windows say that S'Links Gourmet Hot Dogs is coming in Spring of 2013 to the location on the northeast corner of Myrtle Avenue and Olive Avenue.

Each of the signs (and there are a lot) has a unique name for a hot dog creation printed on them.  Some of them are pretty funny.


Tanya Breese said…
it sure gets your attention! quite frankly (ha!) i miss weinerschnitzel! or for old timers der weinerschnitzel!
Keith said…
Tanya: Funny you should say that. My first job was at the Der Weinerschnitzel that used to be in town.
Anonymous said…
I absolutely support the fact of new hot dog place but shouldn't the city be considerate about other struggling restaurants in the neighbourhood and they are struggling to survive and opening up a new restaurant will only make it worse for the area because there are not that many customers to support all of the restaurants in monrovia .

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