Election Day Giveaway

*Update: Giveaway has ended.  Thanks to all who downloaded a photo.

To celebrate Election Day, and all the rights, responsibilities and privileges that go along with it, I'm giving away a full size copy of the photo above: Downtown Monrovia At Night.

There's no catch.  You won't have to disclose who you voted for, I won't ask for proof that you voted and this isn't a bribe to sway your vote.

I'm making four versions available for immediate download, feel free to take one or all, your choice.
The download links:

Print optimized - 300 dpi:  Full size, full resolution, great for printing.

1) Downtown Monrovia At Night - Unsharpened. (12.86 mb)

2) Downtown Monrovia At Night - Sharpened. (17.96 mb)

Web optimized - 72 dpi.  Full size, lower resolution, perfect for websites.

3) Downtown Monrovia At Night - Unsharpened. (12.86 mb)

4) Downtown Monrovia At Night - Sharpened. (13.61 mb)

The details:

-Personal use only.  If you want this image for a commercial use, visit here.  It is available in 4 sizes starting at a crazy low price.  A great, inexpensive way to add local content to your website.  More photos added all the time.

-All versions are 12" x 18" (5400px x 3600px) and sRGB color space..  (If you don't know what this means, don't worry.  It just means you can take the print optimized file to your favorite local photo printer, drug store, Costco, etc. and have a nice print made easily.  It's ready to go.)

-These are fairly large files and make take some time to download, depending on your download speed.

-I left the two unsharpened just because some people like to do that step themselves.

-Feel free to crop, resize or modify.

Enjoy, and I hope you do get out and vote.  This giveaway will be available until 8:00 pm Pacific time tomorrow (Wednesday 11/07/2012).  *Giveaway has ended.


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