Cutting Down The Palm Trees

A crew was out this afternoon removing the palm trees that line Hillcrest between Myrtle and Encinitas.

Info from the City of Monrovia Public Works Scoop:
Tree Removals As of September 21, 2012, also scheduled are the following removals of Palm trees at:
  • 303 Bradoaks Avenue
  • 115-127 E. Hillcrest Boulevard
The removals will be completed by West Coast Arborists (WCA).
Note: WCA will be completing the removals in accordance with Fire Department regulations utilizing grant funding allocated for fire suppression in the foothill areas.  All area residents have been previously notified.


Anonymous said…
Palm trees on Magnolia Ave look
terrible and should also be cut
down before the next windstorm
leaves a mess that took the city
2 weeks before our streets were
cleaned up from 3 years of not
being pruned.

Resident of North Magnolia Ave
I lived here when they were planted
Keith said…
There are some palm trees nearby these that were not much taller than me growing up. Now they are huge.
They've grown into wind and fire dangers. It didn't help that they were not kept trimmed.

Still, since they grew up with me, I'm a little sorry to see them go.

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