November 2011 City Daily Photo Theme Day: Fences

Headed out of town to get this one.  This is from a recent road trip to Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.

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Joan Elizabeth said…
What a wonderful fence and great view.
A nice photo well captured where all elements are well defined.
Beautiful - I was there yesterday
SRQ said…
A classic. Beautiful capture.
Tash said…
Gorgeous - totally captures the Southwest with a bonus of a great fence!
Keith said…
Thanks all! It really is a beautiful area. So many photo opportunities.

Pas Adj: That's quite a coincidence! Lucky you, I'm anxious to go back.
slim said…
Great one-of-a-kind fence to compliment the gorgeous scenery. Well done!
Kay said…
Gorgeous shot! I love this spot, though I've never seen it from the perspective of your view. Much as I love the Pacific Northwest, this makes me hungry for the desert.
A great looking natural fence. It fits right where it is. MB
Reed said…
Great rugged West shot
It is a very good shot of the place. The setting highlights the wild and free country life. I like it and it inspires me.

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