Fun With Puddles

Monrovia train depot.  The day after the rain.


Tash said…
Great idea. Great shot. (I think I'll copy the idea, if you don't mind.)
Is there a plan to remove the fence? Is it for safety for track access or because the building is closed?
ben wideman said…
really cool. And your favorite subject matter too!
Anonymous said…
Very cool... Suzi
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Very clever shot Keith, excellent composition.
Dang, and I thought I was being so clever. Lot of Koinky dinks of late.
btw: nice!
Keith said…
Tash, help yourself. The fence is there because the building is long abandoned. Someday it will be renovated and become part of the Metro Gold Line extension, but for now just sits and waits.

Ben: I do like to go back there a lot.

Suzi: Thanks!

PerthDailyPhoito: Thank you!

PasAdj: Yours is much more clever.

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