Sun Sets On The Monrovia Train Depot

Yes, I cut off the "A" in "Monrovia".  It was much darker out than it looks here and I needed a flashlight to move along the tracks.  Taking the photo involved setting the camera on the ground, making a guess for angle and direction and hoping for the best.  My guess was just a little off.

Most of the "A" was there originally but straightening the building during post processing cut it off.  Next time.


Anonymous said…
Pure brilliance!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Don't stress about the A Keith, it's an amazing shot even without it!! Looks like a scene out of an old movie!!
that may be your best yet
EatTravelEat said…
Even if the A is missing, I love the picture because of its vivid color! The train depot suddenly becomes much more special than it seems to be in person.
Tash said…
Wonderful. I too didn't think you could get any more variations on the Monrovi Train Depot theme, and here you come with this spectacular shot!
First time I noticed the (faint) fence around the building. Is it only on the tracks side and the sides?

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