Lemon Tree Very Pretty...

More of the electrical boxes in Old Town Monrovia have been painted with a nature scene that is a big improvement over dull grey.  This one is on the corner of Myrtle Avenue and, you guessed it, Lemon Avenue.

How is this paid for?  When a project in town is over a million dollars, the developers get a choice.  Pay a fee or commission a piece of public art.  This is also how we got the new gateway arch on Myrtle Avenue next to the Paragon at Old Town development.  Thanks to the Monrovia Endowment for the Arts Committee for the info and for their part in bringing this new art to town.

My post of the first box to be painted is here.  A photo of a third painted box will be posted tomorrow.


paul said…
Nice shot and nice box! Glad to meet another fan of painted utility boxes. We have them here in Auckland, and Cara in Brisbane has an abundance of "traffic stopping boxes". Maybe not yet a worldwide trend, but possibly the beginning?
nice...I like the choice of lavender as a background

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