Monrovia Canyon Park 2007 Mountain Mayhem (Haunted Hike)

The city website has been updated with this years flyer / poster and additional information.

Just a little heads up.

The 2007 Monrovia Canyon Park Halloween Haunted Hike tickets are about to go on sale.
This years event is called Mountain Mayhem.
This is the 5th year - each of the first 4 years sold out.
The dates are Oct. 25, 26, 27.

A few changes this year:

Tickets go on sale to Monrovia residents on Monday Sept. 24.
Tickets go on sale to all others on Oct. 1.
Tickets are pre-sale only and for specific times - tickets will not be sold at the event.
Tickets are available only through Community Services - not at the park itself.
(Community Services phone # (626) 256-8246).
No childrens hikes this year. The hikes are ages 13 and over only.
Tickets are $10.00 each.

Tell 'em you read about it on Gem City Images.

The above photo was taken just before the start of last years hikes.


Anonymous said…
what should i expect on this haunt i just bought tickets the other day. how long does the hike take
Unknown said…
Without getting too specific, the hike is one big loop about a half mile long. It usually takes about 45 minutes to complete. Check-in and the start of the hike are at the middle parking area (cabin area). The hike starts with the 1/4 mile trail (Trail Of No Return), turns up to the Mesa (large area behind the Nature Center called the Maze Of Terror), through the Nature Center (Hall Of Nightmares) and down the road (Road To Perdition) back to where you started. Parking is EXTREMELY limited at the park for an event of this size which is why the tickets are for specific times. I highly, strongly recommend carpooling if at all possible.
Anonymous said…
about how long does the event stay open til. and lets say i want to take a break from the mazes is there a rest area where i can get snacks and stuff
Anonymous said…
im 13. and i got tickets for this. im a bit scared. does someone from the activity guide u through the entire hike or are u on your own? do you get a chance to skip the maze or other parts if you are to scared? what if you seriously get lost and dont know where to go. information please? thanks
Keith said…
While the event goes until the last hike ends, since the hikes are for specific times, access to the park is based on the time of your hike. Your ticket will let you in early enough to check in.

The hikes are guided hikes. There is a hike leader and a trail sweep at the end of each group to keep the group together. Don't worry, there's no way you'll get lost. We don't let anyone wander, intentionally or otherwise.

If you want to skip a part of the hike, that's perfectly fine. It happens every year, even the adults. Just let the hike leader know and you can go around that section and wait for your group to catch up on the other side. No problem.

Unfortunately, since groups must be kept together, it isn't possible for someone to stop for a break during the hike. We'd love to have someplace around the check in area with activities for people before and after their hikes or if they just want to hang out for awhile, but the limited parking is the obstacle that's prevented that from happening so far. With just those people on the hikes in progress and those in the next group checking in, the parking is maxed out. More cars would be impossible. We have some ideas, but nothing we could make work this year. Maybe next year.

Thanks for the questions. If anyone has any more, please ask.
Anonymous said…
thank you for annswering my question keith! you are very helpful and made me feel better. i was really scared about the hike haha. (im the 13 yr old)
So it is GUIDED correct? is there anythign else i should expect about the hike, like a part that might be scarier then others? thanks
Anonymous said…
PS. the maze of terror? how does that work? im nervous on that part. ive been thinking of skipping it.
Keith said…
The last two questions are a little harder to answer. Different people are scared by different things. It may not help much, but here's what I can say:

-The hikes are guided.

-There are actually 2 mazes. The Maze of Terror is an outdoor maze, Hall of Nightmares is an inside maze (the Nature Center).

-The Maze of Terror is new this year and Hall of Nightmares has been taken over by someone new this year. At this point, I honestly know very little about what each will involve or what to expect.

-I can't give specifics about what I do know because that would spoil the surprises. As far as being scared, you won't be the only one. hopefully it will be a fun kind of scared.
Anonymous said…
ok i see. thank you keith i understand :] because im the type of person that gets scared real easy so yeah. are you a hike leader? thanks so much you helped me alot.
Anonymous said…
one more thing. the mazes. you are guided through that too correct? or do you have to find a way out on your own.
Keith said…
I won't be leading the hikes, I'll be behind the scenes keeping things working properly.

The interior maze is not guided. We add interior walls to literally build a maze. There's only one way through. No way to get lost inside. The trail guide waits for the entire hike group at the exit before continuing the hike.

Since the outdoor maze is new, I don't know how that will work. I'm looking forward to learning more info myself.
Keith said…
After learning some more details about the hike, I need to revise some of my previous comments:

-Scary is different things to different people but the hike has evolved into something more intense than my initial impression last month. I'm sure we'll get the whole range of reactions (some scared, some not so much) but at this point I wouldn't recommend this for the easily scared.

-The way the hike is set up, don't expect to be able to skip a section. This is for a couple of reasons:

1)For 95% of the hike, there is no place to allow for going around the scary parts.
2) Everyone working the hike will be very busy, there isn't anyone to spare to act as escorts for "section skippers".

I'm sure there will be an exception made for extreme situations but don't expect it to be an option of the hike.

This is a scary Halloween hike. Know that going in. Once you start, there's only one route to make it to the end...alive.
No getting around that.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow that's great. so you cannot skip a secton and it is more intense then u explained it. wow im spooked. But they are for sure leaded hikes and it takes about 45 mins?
Unknown said…
The hikes do have leaders. 45 minutes is an estimate. Some groups move faster or slower than others. Sometimes people hesitate if they get scared. You never know. Based on previous years, 45 minutes seems to be the best guess.
Anonymous said…
can you tell me anything more at all about the mazes? and about how many people are allowed in a group or is it based on the time you gett
Keith said…
The maze: You'll enter through the back door and exit through the front door. Only one way to go. What you'll see or what will happen, there's only one way to find out.

The hikes have a limited number of spots. Once a hike time is sold out, that's it. The hikes have previously been limited to 20 people per hike. I haven't heard for sure but I don't expect that that has changed (or changed much) this year. I personally hope that it hasn't increased. The larger the hike, the less effective it is.
Anonymous said…
oh i see. and the maze is only one way to goo so its not one where we can get lost correct?
Anonymous said…
Hey, in your perspective do you think people will enjoy thereselves and have fun on this hike or mental trauma and being dead scared. Should i be excited for this or reallly really scared.
Keith said…
-Only one way to go in the maze, last I heard, there were no "dead" ends.

-in your perspective do you think people will enjoy thereselves and have fun on this hike or mental trauma and being dead scared

Both. Definitely both.
Keith said…
I need to amend my last comment / answer. For one maze, my answer holds true. The other maze is new and is still being built. What will go on in there remains to be seen.

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