Windstorm 1/21 - 1/22/2022

 From the City Manager's Report: 

Monrovia City Manager’s Wind Storm
Update - Saturday January 22, 2022
Good morning!
What a crazy night. I've yet to experience a wind event in Monrovia quite like we did last night Beginning yesterday afternoon, the powerful gusts of Santa Ana winds have been sweeping through Southern California, with the strongest winds in the foothill communities like Monrovia. Our Police, Fire and Public Works Departments have been working through the night responding to considerable damage caused by the winds. Last night alone, the Police Department responded to 34 alarm calls, 26 calls for down live wires, some of which caused sparking in the streets or fires that are now extinguished, and 36 tree emergencies that ranged from downed trees, trees falling on cars, and even one that fell on a home that is deemed unsafe and uninhabitable.
A high wind warning will be in effect until 3 p.m. this afternoon. As winds continue, please keep in mind the following tips:
Do not approach anything that looks like a downed power line, cable or wire. Call Monrovia Police Department at 626-256-8000 to report any downed power lines.
Street sweepers will be working through the week to clean the streets of leaves and tree debris. Please be sure to obey all posted parking regulations and avoid posted parking restrictions.
Homeowners with downed trees and limbs can stack them in the front yard near the street and the City will haul them off.
When driving, please use caution.
Power outages are expected and you can look up the current outages on Southern California Edison's website. if you don’t see an outage listed on their website AND your power is still out, please contact SCE.
City staff will be out in the community working to fix damage and clear roads throughout the weekend. Thanks for your patience and please use caution as you move throughout the city.

I was out for a little bit this morning (1/22) and didn't see the more serious damage, but I did see some of the more minor issues:

Traffic signal at Monterey and Huntington twisted to face wrong direction.

Several trees in the parkway along Madison Ave by the high school were blown over.

Broken branches at the YMCA.

More broken branches on Madison at the high school.

Just some of the many palm fronds that littered the streets.

The fencing at the new hotel project at Myrtle and Huntington blew down.

Some fencing at the high school tennis courts blew over.


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