55th Annual "Celebrate The Arts" Show And Chalkfest

A new location for the event that, until this year, has been held in Library Park.
This year the show was held at Monrovia's Station Square. 
(also known as the Monrovia Depot / the Bandstand / the Gold Line Station)

*Click on the photos for larger versions*

Here's a bit of an overview of the setup.  It continues past the depot and around to
the bandstand with food trucks in the parking lot behind the bandstand.

Arriving at the event from the west end.  The chalkfest is taking
place under the canopy to the right in the photo.

 The music is at the other end, but there was also dancing here.
Another look at the patio for the chalkfest.

The bandstand with various live music acts throughout the day.

Food trucks behind the bandstand.

 A view from the east end and the Monrovia Depot.


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