2018 Monrovia Car Show

The 28th Monrovia Car  Show, presented by Street Rods Forever, was held today in Old Town Monrovia.  A little warm, but a beautiful day, and location, for a car show.

*Click the images for larger versions*

Front and center.

Tiki Van in front of the Monrovia Library.

This one was popular.  A Helms Bakeries Truck.

In front of the Studio Movie Grill.

I'm not sure if Wile E Coyote finally caught the Road Runner, or if the Road Runner caught the coyote.

In front of Copper Still Grill.

 In front of Jake's Roadhouse.

"God Bless This Lousy Car"

Mr. Monroe enjoying the cars on Lime Avenue.

The 2018 Monrovia Car Show
Street Rods Forever


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