Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake, in Mono County, is one of the most beautiful areas of California.
It's also one of my favorites, with Yosemite and the ghost town of Bodie nearby.
So much to do and see, especially if you love to take photos.

I arrived at sunset and was surprised to see only 3 other people while I was there.
You don't see that in southern California.  

Mono Lake is famous for the Tufa Towers around the lake.  A beautiful, but strange and surreal sight.  Commonly described as "otherworldly".

The tufa is very fragile, so, if you go, please don't climb on them.

Tufa along the path to the lake.

Gorgeous sunsets to complement the unique geological formations.


As I promised previously (or threatened, depending on your point of view), I will be combining my Monrovia photos with non-Monrovia photos under the Gem City Images name. It makes more sense to keep them together and easy to find.  This will also lead to the more regular posting of photos.


William Kendall said…
Otherworldly indeed. Beautiful!

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