November 5, 2017: Monrovia Depot Update

 A bit of a longer update today since there are a couple of significant new details to see.

Let's start with the usual angles, the new items are at the bottom of the post.

*Click on the photos for larger versions*

The remaining patio cover panels seem to be in place and the whole area is looking very neat and clean.

Work truck partially blocking the view here but the big reveal is on the other (south) side facing the tracks.

The Santa Fe logo is back!  This is on the front of the building facing Myrtle Avenue.
It's also installed with some space between the logo and the building.  This creates those nice, ever changing shadows as the sun moves across the sky, similar to the "Monrovia" lettering below (unfortunately not apparent in the photo).

Before we get to the last photo, this is a look at how the south facing window used to look.
The repaired / restored result is below:

The scaffolding has come down and the detailing looks fantastic.  Even a wrought iron railing, which hasn't been part of the depot in years.  

I had read that the city put original fixtures in storage years ago to prevent them from being stolen, I wonder if the Santa Fe logo and the railing are the originals?


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