Roy's Motel And Cafe - Amboy, California

First, a limited history:
Roy's Motel and Cafe, opened in 1938, was a popular stop for travelers on old Route 66.  
The photos show that it was, and still is, out in the middle of nowhere.  
This was a popular stop for people driving through this stretch of the Mojave drawn by the huge neon boomerang sign and the Googie style architecture of the office building.
Unfortunately, the opening of Interstate 40 in 1972 took the traffic from Route 66 and killed the business almost overnight.
Today, Roy's Motel and Cafe, along with the entire town of Amboy, is owned by Albert Okura.  Mr. Okura is also the owner of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain and the original McDonald's / Museum in San Bernardino.  (Of course, everyone should know that the McDonald brothers started the company that would become McDonald's right here in Monrovia, California.)

For more info:

Okay, now with that bit of history out of the way, on to the photos.
The following photos are a combination of 3 different stops at Roy's.  Click on the photos for larger versions.

Arrived early in hopes of getting some nice sunrise shots.  The sun wasn't quite up yet on an overcast morning.  This is a wide angle view of the cafe and gas station, office, the famous Roy's sign, and some bungalow style rooms beyond.  The building across Route 66 on the right is the Amboy Post Office.

The sunlight starts to appear on the horizon with a single florescent light illuminating the gas station.

The morning remained cloudy when the sun broke through for about 30 seconds bathing the sign and buildings in a bright golden glow. Then it was gone.  Luckily my camera was already set up for this composition.  Right place, right time.

Facing east from the parking area.  The Amboy Crater is in the distance at the far left center of the photo.  Most of the property is closed and in need of restoration.  The gas station and cafe (selling pre-packaged snacks and soda along with souvenirs) are the only things currently open.  The owner intends to restore but the restoration and cost is significant.

Some of the bungalow style rooms on the right with the mid-century style office and iconic Roy's sign beyond.

More rooms behind the front bungalows.  This area is closed and fenced off preventing access.

Another photo of the rooms at the rear of the property.

Located next to Roy's is the closed and abandoned Amboy school.

The much photographed iconic Roy's Motel and Cafe sign. 

Across the street from Roy's is this wooden post with all types of stuff, junk and mementos that visitors have left behind. Many of these items are attached with large rusty spikes.  Tetanus shots optional.

Another photo of Roy's facing west.  This is a more recent photo (February 2017) and a section of the Cafe sign looks to be missing.

And finally, an overview of the Roy's property with the Amboy school sign (the school is out of the photo to the right) on world famous Route 66.


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