Opening Ceremony Of The Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve - November 19th, 2016

A few photos from the opening ceremony this morning for the Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve:

The new trail goes to the left in the photo.

Temporary plaque soon to be replaced by a permanent one.

City Manager Oliver Chi

Director of Public Services Tina Cherry

Hillside Wilderness Preserve Supervisor Eugene Suk receives award.

The ribbon cutting.

Trash receptacle and drinking fountain.  Located at the old fire station across from the start of the trail.

ATV's ready to take attendees on a tour of the new trail.  NOTE: Personal ATV's will not be allowed on the trail.  Only those used by the park rangers.

ATV returns from a trip on the new trail.

A winding section of the new trail.

One of 2 new ATV's that the park rangers will use to patrol and work in the new Preserve.  Much more economical and much better suited to the terrain than the huge pickup truck.

 Trail Boss Ed riding shotgun.


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