Monrovia Friday Night Family Street Fair 7/3/2015

A few photos from the Monrovia Friday Night Family Street Fair on the first night with new fair management: L.A. Partyworks.

Every Friday night from 5pm - 10pm on Myrtle Avenue in Old Town Monrovia.

New signage.

Beautiful setting.

More of the beautiful setting.

Food Vendors.

Produce Vendors.


New music.

Gale Webb's BMX show.

Gale Webb's BMX Show - Scooter.

Gale Webb's BMX Show.

Jake's Roadhouse.

VW Bus.


LOLfromPasa said…
Enjoyed your photos...looks like everyone is having a great day and that blue sky really looks super. I'm a Pasadena gal living in England. I'm a follower now :).

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