March 13, 2017: Since I started Gem City Images way back in 2007, the photos posted here have been (almost) exclusively of Monrovia. All my other photos have been posted to various social media sites like Flickr, Instagram and Facebook.

While that seemed like a good idea, in reality it led to a lack of consistency that was frustrating for me and made it hard to follow along with the latest photos.

So, starting now, Gem City Images will no longer be exclusively Monrovia. If you still want to see Monrovia only, you can always click the "Monrovia" label on the right side but hopefully you'll follow along for the whole experience.

Even though Gem City Images refers to Monrovia, I decided to keep that as the blog name. No matter where I go, The Gem City is where it all started.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Public Art Display - Giraffe

Outside the Ivy at Monrovia Condominiums.

1 comment:

Naiad said...

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The verandas are awful, and now a giraffe, which has nothing to do with Monrovia. They should have put a bear, THAT would be more appropriate. Actually, I take a raccoon over a giraffe. Have you seen those unfinished and rusted verandas? All of those townhouse sold for astronomical prices. They are so close to each other that if you BBQ in your balcony the smoke would get into your neighbor's living room. Actually, I consider both, the verandas and the giraffe eye sores. What a lack of taste!

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