316 S. Myrtle Avenue - A Look At The Future

The upper photo is of the former Sell's Furniture / Patty's Antiques (and, I'm sure, others) building located directly across from Library Park that has been vacant for a while now.  The bottom photo is an enlargement of the image on the top of the building and, I'm guessing, the plan for the location.  Nice looking building.  Possibly retail space on the ground floor facing the street.  Office space for the rest of the building.

If the new building is shown facing Myrtle Avenue, what happened to the businesses to the north and south?

This block was included for possible redevelopment as part of "Vision 2015" (pages 17 - 19 specifically).  Now that there is no more redevelopment agency, how does that affect projects on this block and "Vision 2015"?

I'm always curious about new developments, if anyone has any details about what's going in here, I'd love to hear it.


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