Stan Ridgway At Berdan Records Grand Opening

Stan Ridgway and his wife, Pietra Wexstun, performed at the grand opening of Berdan Records.  The store is located at 110 W. Olive Avenue in Monrovia (Corner of Myrtle and Olive).

Stan and Pietra put on a great show.  Even though I've seen them before and know how good they are, I'm always knocked out by how good they are.  If you get the chance to see them live, do it.

Berdan Records sells strictly vinyl records, both new and used.  I'm looking forward to see what they've got planned for book signings and more live in store performances.  Check out their website - - to see what they're all about.


Steve Scauzillo said…
Great post. I was just in town and missed this place. It was Festival night, so that's why. I want to go look for some vinyl, baby!
severs2000 said…
Stan and Pietra just keep getting better and better. It was a very casual show; Stan with an acoustic and Pietra with what they were jokingly calling a keyboard straight out of Toys R Us. A testament to those two musicians that they made my hair stand on end with their rendition of "The Big Heat."

Berdan Records... ALL vinyl, ALL of the time.!
Keith said…
Steve: If you have a turntable, check it out. Wide range of prices, something for everyone.

Severs2000: They've been great every time I've seen them.

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